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No. 38 (2022): June, Articles, pages 301-317
Submitted: Feb 6, 2022 Accepted: Apr 19, 2022 Published: Apr 19, 2022
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Learning to write is one of the great achievements of Primary Education. Therefore, it is convenient to evaluate the teaching vision and the degree of achievement shown by the students of this educational stage. A study was carried out in five Primary Education centers, specifically located in the Region of Murcia (Spain), presenting diverse characteristics. The sample was configured through the selection of 150 productions carried out by the students from the 30 classrooms intervened, as well as the teachers from those classrooms. The instruments used for the collection of information were the questionnaire addressed to the teachers and productions created by students, these were addressed under a paradigm of an interpretive humanistic type specified in the diagnostic evaluation responding to a symbolic interactionism approach, and through the triangulation of data for content analysis. The results show the improvements achieved by the students who plan the texts, as well as significant differences between the teaching beliefs and the linguistic reality obtained by the students.


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Albarracín Vivo, D., E, & López Valero, A. (2022). Composición escrita del alumnado y expectativas de sus docentes. Una investigación en Educación Primaria. Porta Linguarum An International Journal of Foreign Language Teaching and Learning, (38), 301–317.