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  • Rui Li Hunan University
Núm. 39 (2023): Enero, Reseñas, Páginas 357-358
Recibido: Apr 17, 2022 Aceptado: Apr 27, 2022 Publicado: Jan 31, 2023
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Language engagement is defined as “a dynamic, multidimensional construct compromising situated notions of cognition, affect and behaviors including social interactions in which action is a requisite component” (p.3). It is thus a highly complex construct that defines meaningful language learning outcomes, resulting in the growing interest regarding the field of second language acquisition (SLA) over the past two decades (Hiver et al., 2021). As a joint effort of internationally-recognized SLA experts, this edited volume covers language engagement in its all complexity, including measures of its factor structures, related environmental, technological and emotional factors, which provides valuable sources of reference for the scholarship and practice among researchers, instructors and learners alike.


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Li, R. (2023). Student Engagement in the Language Classroom. Phil Hiver, Ali H. AI-Hoorie, & Sarah Mercer (eds.) (2021). Bristol (UK): Multilingual Matters. ISBN: 978-1-78892-359-0. Porta Linguarum Revista Interuniversitaria De Didáctica De Las Lenguas Extranjeras, (39), 357–358.