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Chiara Uliana
Universidad de Granada
Núm. 38 (2022): Junio, Reseñas
Recibido: Apr 1, 2022 Aceptado: Apr 1, 2022 Publicado: Apr 1, 2022
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Book review of Chinese Linguistics - An Introduction by Giorgio Francesco Arcodia and Bianca Basciano. The book is a functional text on Chinese languages, which a focus on Modern Standard Chinese. As stated in the first chapter, the aim of the book is to give a general presentation of the most important matters of Chinese linguistics research, both in and out of China. The book includes many current topics about the Chinese languages and their research, which are treated at length; for example what's Chinese linguistics, an overview of Sinitic languages, explanation about Chinese dialects, syntax, phonology, morphology and writing, etc. 


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