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  • Fan Fang
  • Siying Wu
Fan Fang
Siying Wu
Núm. 38 (2022): Junio, Reseñas
Recibido: Mar 28, 2022 Aceptado: Mar 29, 2022 Publicado: Mar 29, 2022
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In recent decades, Chinese has become widely taught and learned as a second or foreign language. In addition to capturing current trends, research into Chinese language teaching and learning can contribute considerably to the development of second language theories. Yangyin Zhang and Xiaoping Gao collaborate on the edited volume Frontiers of L2 Chinese Language Education: A Global Perspective in the hope of contributing to theoretical research and instructional practices in teaching Chinese as a second/foreign language, as well as fostering academic dialogue in terms of Chinese language education. This volume aims to investigate the various methods for teachers in Chinese language education and seeks to offer a comprehensive picture for empirical studies with some fresh insight.


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