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No. 38 (2022): June, Articles, pages 265-280
Submitted: Jan 20, 2022 Accepted: Feb 4, 2022 Published: Apr 27, 2022
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This article summarises the results obtained from research on teachers’ perceptions about the implementation of the bilingual programme within the Region of Murcia (Spain). The project was approached from three dimensions: a linguistic, a cognitive and an affective dimension. A quantitative methodology was used by distributing questionnaires to 70 in-service Primary Education teachers and analysing them using descriptive and inferential statistics. The results are in line with those of other studies of this kind. They also suggest that there is a relationship between teachers’ perceptions and variables such as teaching experience and teacher training in CLIL. 


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García Abellán, A. I. (2022). Percepciones del profesorado sobre la implementación de AICLE en la Región de Murcia. Porta Linguarum An International Journal of Foreign Language Teaching and Learning, (38), 265–280.