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  • Cecilia María Azorín Universidad de Murcia
  • Mel Ainscow University of Manchester
  • Pilar Arnaiz Sánchez Universidad de Murcia
  • Sue Goldrick University of Manchester
Vol. 23 Núm. 1 (2019): Hacia una educación inclusiva para todos. Nuevas contribuciones, Monográfico, Páginas 11-36
Recibido: Mar 31, 2019 Aceptado: Mar 31, 2019 Publicado: Mar 31, 2019
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This article describes the design process of a tool for teacher reflection on the response to the diversity of students in schools. The tool has been checked by 31 British and Spanish researcher ‘inter-judges’ to ensure its content validity. These professionals were asked to draw on their knowledge and experience of response to diversity, inclusive education and research methodology. The paper includes (1) the discourse created through the semi-structured interviews with the British participants during the revision of the initial version of the tool, (2) the rating of the material generated through a group discussion of researchers from the home university of the authors in Spain, and (3) the evaluation of other Spanish reviewers, who completed a custom-built evaluation chart, using the aggregated individual method. The quantitative and qualitative information gleaned from the chart was analyzed with IBM SPSS 22.0 and Atlas.ti 7 software. The findings, opinions and suggestions to change have been incorporated into the final version of the tool, which we have called Themis Inclusion Tool. The conclusions drawn are that it is a new resource that may serve as a starting point for improvement processes geared towards more inclusive practices in schools.


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Azorín, C. M., Ainscow, M., Arnaiz Sánchez, P., & Goldrick, S. (2019). A tool for teacher reflection on the response to diversity in schools. Profesorado, Revista De Currículum Y Formación Del Profesorado, 23(1), 11–36.