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  • Ting Hu
Ting Hu
Núm. 38 (2022): Junio, Reseñas
Recibido: Dec 20, 2021 Aceptado: Feb 9, 2022 Publicado: Feb 9, 2022
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This book review evaluates Aline Godfroid’s Eye Tracking in Second Language Acquisition and Bilingualism: A Research Synthesis and Methodological Guide. As one of the first on SLA eye tracking research, this book is a valuable resource for both L2 researchers and practitioners, by providing practical guidelines and a comprehensive synthesis of research in this field. This review first offers an introduction of the author’s background, the motivation, scope and goal of this book, its target readers, and a comparison of it with another book on the same subject. Then it summarizes the main points of each chapter. This is followed by analysis on its contribution to L2 research and practice. In particular, it discusses the book’s relevance for L2 researchers and practitioners, in providing inspiration for formulating new research questions and answering old questions with eye tracking, and for L2 pedagogical innovations, assessment, curriculum and materials development with findings gleaned from these studies.



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Conklin, K., & Pellicer-Sánchez, A. (2016). Using eye-tracking in applied linguistics and second language research. Second Language Research, 32(3), 453–467.

Conklin, K., Pellicer-Sánchez, A., & Carrol, G. (2018). Eye-Tracking: A Guide for Applied Linguistics Research. Cambridge, MA: Cambridge University Press.