Where is organizational theory going?


  • Julián López Yáñez Universidad de Sevilla

Palabras clave:

history of organization, School Organization, epistemology.


In this paper, the short but intense history of organization theory is reviewed. In our country, despite its meaningful development as discipline, School Organization still lacks an appropriate level of theoretical elaboration. However organizing and organization appears now as central features of human activity that need a deep understanding from every field of Social Sciences. Therefore, School Organization needs better rooted theoretical basis if a creative and productive dialogue with the other fields is wanted. Which such a purpose, viewpoints that turned aside from the traditional ones have been emphasised, looking for the ways to the future developments of the discipline.


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López Yáñez, J. (2006). Where is organizational theory going?. Profesorado, Revista De Currículum Y Formación Del Profesorado, 10(2), 28. Recuperado a partir de https://revistaseug.ugr.es/index.php/profesorado/article/view/19838