Study of teachers’ perceptions about bullying in schools


  • María Fernández Cabezas Universidad de Granada
  • Ana Belén García Berbén Universidad de Granada
  • Juan Luis Benítez Muñoz Universidad de Granada

Palabras clave:

School teachers, bullying, teachers’ perceptions of bullying.


Nowadays, bullying is a very important phenomenon because of the number and seriousness of cases. For this reason, it is necessary to consider all involved agents’ perspectives for studying carefully this phenomenon. The present article studies the perception and knowledge of 95 school teachers about bullying, taking into account their teaching experience and the educational level in which they teach. For collecting data is used “The Bullying questionnaire in School” adapted and translated from Nicolaides, Toda and Smith (2002). The results show similarities with others studies and indicate interesting aspects for teachers’ training. Regarding to educational level and teaching experience the knowledge about bullying is linked to the level in which the teacher works, and scant experience with the overestimation of phenomenon’s incidence.


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Fernández Cabezas, M., García Berbén, A. B., & Benítez Muñoz, J. L. (2006). Study of teachers’ perceptions about bullying in schools. Profesorado, Revista De Currículum Y Formación Del Profesorado, 10(2), 13. Recuperado a partir de