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Marina Siraeva
Udmurt State University
Federación Rusa
Galina Trofimova
School for Advanced Studies of the Udmurt Republic
Federación Rusa
Núm. 16 (2017), Miscelánea, Páginas 453-461
Recibido: dic 15, 2020 Publicado: dic 2, 2017
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The given paper summarizes key trends of modern higher education. The authors describe the structure and objectives of research and development area of modern universities revealing the experience of the Udmurt State University. Conference activities are regarded as a major component of the university research and development area which is supposed to provide students with the competences required for the beneficial integration into the global educational system and presumably to shape their professional trajectory. The article considers university research and development area from the perspective of such current tendencies as globalization, modernization, internationalization and integration. While analyzing the structure of university research and development area the authors highlight the specific position held by conference activities, describing principle requirements and stages that should be followed while organizing and holding scientific conferences of different levels.


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