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Boris Tarasov
Maxim Gorky Literature Institute
Federación Rusa
Núm. 16 (2017), 150º aniversario de la publicación de la obra “Crimen y castigo” de Dostoievski, Páginas 262-272
Recibido: dic 15, 2020 Publicado: nov 30, 2017
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The article considers a diminished image of a person as a perfected animal, stemming from the reductionist conclusions of positivistic science, which became the object of Dostoevsky’s close attention during his work on “Crime and Punishment” and constitutes an important part of the ideological and aesthetic context of many of his works. The article reveals the connection of this image with the egocentric origins of human nature, the spiritual processes and emotional-volitional impulses which are beyond the competence of vulgar scientism and, at the same time, influence the formation of its methodology and the contradictory unity of various motives in the maturation of Raskolnikov’s criminal plan.


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