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Marcin Borowski
University of Wrocław
Núm. 16 (2017), 150º aniversario de la publicación de la obra “Crimen y castigo” de Dostoievski, Páginas 27-37
Recibido: dic 15, 2020 Publicado: nov 30, 2017
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This article describes the study of the reception of Fyodor Dostoevsky’s works by Polish and Russian readers. I have tried to identify similarities and differences in the interpretation of his novels in relation to readers’ nationality, age, education, life experiences and worldview.
This study (survey) confirmed some of the previously obtained results. It turns out, once again, that Dostoevsky is a writer who still arouses interest, his novels are popular, and Crime and Punishment is his most famous and most widely read novel. The study also showed that the interpretation of Crime and Punishment does not depend on reader’s nationality - Polish and Russian respondents are in agreement when it comes to their views about the book. Differences in the reception of this novel can be correlated mostly with respondents age and faith.


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