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Joedy Luciana Barros Marins Bamonte
UNESP São Paulo State University
Núm. 23 (2020), Artículos, Páginas 93-132
Recibido: Jul 7, 2021 Publicado: Jul 8, 2021


This text addresses different moments of my plastic research (1995-2020),
presented through images in which the thread, although physically present in
all works, moves between sewing, embroidery, weft, drawing. It is the tool that
integrates ideas and the conceptual element that interprets life, the human
being and the sacred, simultaneously crossing different artistic languages.
The references are in childhood, in family affection, in psychogeography and
become metaphors for the creative process and creation, in the rescue and
reinterpretation of traditions as continuous gestures of generosity.


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