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Knowing the basic highlights of the national culture is also a way for international students to quickly get used to life when they come to Korea to study abroad ... When studying abroad in the form of studying If you work in Japan or Korea, you should define the thought that your learning process will be very hard, not as simple as what the centers usually advertise. There are many centers promising to earn you a part-time job with a huge income of 30-40 million / month while studying abroad in Korea.

Therefore, students who want to study in South Korea in Danang will have the opportunity to enter the top 1 schools, those that are exempt from visa interview at the embassy, ​​capable of passing visas up to 99%, Visa waiting period is only 1 month. Parents should not be too worried about the cost when coming to Hanbee International Trade Company & Korean Study Abroad Consultant in Da Nang, we will support with the lowest cost in the market, no cost. arise, support to apply for Government scholarships up to 50% (for students in Hai Phong who have high academic ability and reach Korean level 4 topik) Our company will support Korean study abroad for free in Da Nang with a total cost of only $ 9,000 including: - The Korean students who go first said: To get a D2 visa quickly and successfully, the best way to learn Korean well. With a Korean language proficiency of Topik 3 or higher, it is perfectly possible to enroll in a major at a Korean university or college.

Firstly, from January 1, 2019, universities and colleges in South Korea that have a high percentage of students fleeing and being blacklisted will NOT be granted VISA to international students. As one of the few quality educational institutions in Asia that is recognized worldwide, along with the cost is not too expensive as countries in Europe and America, studying abroad in Korea is currently one of HOT keyword phrases today. Particularly for Korean language students, they will be granted a D4 - 1 Visa, the benefits that this visa offers such as: fully enjoying the benefits from the Korean Government for international students, working overtime for 20 hours / week (average 3.5 hours / day) and can apply for a visa extension right in Korea without returning to Vietnam.

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