Power and Energy Implications of the Number of Threads Used on the Intel Xeon Phi

Oscar G. Lorenzo, Tomás F. Pena, José C. Cabaleiro, Juan C. Pichel, Fran F. Rivera, Dimitrios S. Nikolopoulos


Energy consumption has become an important area of research of late.
With the advent of new manycore processors, situations have arisen where not all the processors need to be active to reach an optimal relation between performance and energy usage.
In this paper, a study of the power and energy usage of a series of benchmarks, the PARSEC and the SPLASH-2X Benchmark Suites, on the Intel Xeon Phi for different threads configurations, is presented.
To carry out this study, a tool was designed to monitor and record the power usage in real time during execution time and afterwards to compare the results of executions with different number of parallel threads.


Power}energy;manycores; Intel Xeon Phi; benchmarking


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